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Fundamentals of C Programming Language
ISBN NO : 978-81-930379-0-4
Pages : 230+
Paper Type : Paperback
Price INR : 260
Price USD : 25

The first Edition of the book “Fundamentals of C programming language” covers primary knowledge of C programming language. The book is organized into six chapters.Chapter 1: It contains History, Structure of C Program, Compilation Process, Data types, Storage Classes, Operators & Expressions and Type casting.Chapter 2: focuses Decision statements, Loop control statements and Array.Chapter 3: describes contains File handling and Dynamic Memory Allocation.Chapter 4: Pointer, Structure and Union Chapter 5: explains Architecture, Classification of programming language, Memory, Number system and Codes.Chapter 6: function and command line arguments.Last but not least, the book includes questions at the end of each chapter which are helpful for understanding the concept. This book is intend for undergraduate students, post-graduate students, Interns, computer professionals, and people who want to learn C programming language.