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ISBN NO : 978-81274-57-6
Pages : 300
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Despite the fact that there are so many books on organic farming in the country but this attempt is unique in respect of problems, prospects and an analysis of comparative economics between organic and inorganic farming system in context of West Bengal, one of the states in India.
This book contains an examination to the extent of adoption of organic farming by the farmers. A brief report of the activities of Government and NGOs for promotion of organic farming has been presented in this book. The book also includes a task of examining the economic feasibility of organic farming. It describes the assessment of the agro-economic impact of organic farming in adoption of improved agro-economic practices, use of bio-control methods for pest and disease attack and use of organic manures for maintaining soil health. Besides, the prevailing price of organic farms products in a comparative scale to inorganic farms products has also been presented in this book. The major constraints in the adoption of organic farming both at the management and application levels have been discussed. A set of suggestions have been deduced in this book for the development of ?Organic Farming System? in particular and the contributing factors for cultivation of crops in West Bengal as well as in India. It is expected that the book will meet the interest for a wide constituency, including farmers, researchers, agriculture development activists, extension workers and policy makers.